Video content solutions & creative digital services

MFJ media is the home of Micheal Fletcher-Jones. I’m a Perth & Busselton based video producer, photographer and digital media provider who’s been helping local businesses create affordable, high-quality media content that delivers the results you need to promote your business.

Whether it’s for TVC campaigns, quickfire social media content, testimonials, product launches or anything else you can think of, I’ve done it all! Not only am I a videographer and photographer with over 20 years experience, I’ve been involved in the digital marketing space for well over a decade, and can help you put together a strategy that best serves your needs. I’ve worked with literally thousands of businesses, of all sizes, across a huge range of industries, and I’ll always provide honest advice that serves your needs and your budget. I believe in making the process of producing media should be as stress-free as possible.

Take at some of my work below. You can see just a small portion of work produced by myself over the last couple of years, including my work as a commercial photographer and as a copywriter/creative, producing numerous radio campaigns. Feel free to contact me on the form below, or call me on +618 423 984 264

Take a look at examples of video content