Case Study – Cornerstone Legal

This is a series of online video commercials I produced for Cornerstone Legal, a legal practitioner in Perth who specialises in a range of legal services, including Land compensation, Town planning, Commercial litigation and Local Government law.

They required a number of videos, including a main flagship video, as well as separate specialised videos concerning each area of legal specialisation. They also needed to highlight a number of prominent legal battles they had undertaken on behalf of their clients, as well as a client testimonial. The solution was to use this documentary-style format to produce enough content to cover all these areas, which kept production costs low whilst producing a significant amount of content that could be utilised across all media channels (both paid and organic).

This was also packaged together with photography, including professional staff shots, as well as location and aerial imagery. Check out our other many examples of video content on this website, which also features photographic services and radio production.

Cornerstone Legal – Facebook ad version (1 min)

Cornerstone Legal – main company profile

Cornerstone Legal – Environmental Law

Cornerstone Legal – Swan Valley case study

Cornerstone Legal – Land compensation

Cornerstone Legal – Town planning

Cornerstone Legal – Local Government Law

Cornerstone Legal – Commercial Litigation

Cornerstone Legal – Property Law

Cornerstone Legal – Local Government Property Law

If you’re a Perth-based business, why not consider the ways in which video can promote your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors? From the profiling of professional services (i.e. as in the above example), to producing a regular social media series across channels such as LinkedIn, youTube and Facebook, traditional professions are having to adapt and reach their audiences in entirely different ways. Video is the most effective way to communicate your brand, humanise your services, and deliver your message to where your clients are.

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