Welcome New Member! Free Educational Resources

This section has been designed as a introductory series of educational resources about Facebook video advertising. We’ve gathered some of the most relevant information from external sources about the Facebook targeting system, both in written documents and videos (because we know you love videos…). Don’t forget to check out our own video section, and see some of our work! Or get in touch – maybe about your own video project.


Wordstream – Facebook Targeting Infographic. If you’re interested in drilling down into the demographic choices available to Facebook targeting, take a look at the Wordstream produced “Facebook Targeting Infographic”. You’ll get an idea into just how many choices, and how refined, your audiences can be. Truly staggering!

Wordstream – behold the awesome power of Facebook Custom Audiences. Another great Wordstream article that examines Custom Audiences and looks at how email lists can be leveraged with this format. Not specific to video, but an interesting read into how the system works in a short, concise explanation.

AdExpresso Custom Audiences Guide. A great step-by-step introduction to Custom Audiences and how re-targeting works. Easy to understand, this is a great guide to get you started!

Video Guides

Here’s a choice selection of videos that explain how Facebook videos work. We’ll be constantly updating this section, so check back and see what the latest and greatest info is.