Perth Dentists video commercials

If you’re operating a dental business in Perth, now it a great opportunity to promote your business with a bespoke video commercial produced by MFJ media. Take a look at just a few examples below of Perth-based dental businesses that I’ve produced commercials for. Why not produce one for your own business? It’s easy!

The most obvious way to use these videos is where they’re placed on your website (or landing page) to increase conversions of your website visitors to customers, by keeping them engaged longer, and by developing trust in your brand. While we’re filming we can produce professional photography of your business, which also provides your website and social media with a huge production lift.

But beyond your website, these videos can also be used for sponsored video marketing campaigns on facebook, instagram and youTube (i.e. sponsored facebook ads, or youTube pre-roll ads for example). These can be highly targeted towards your “perfect customers” by location, interests etc., and allow you to build up a customer base that you can continue to target with special promotions and offers. Dollar-for-dollar the most effective way of generating revenue from marketing today. I have a short video on Facebook video ads that’s worth a look – Facebook video ads