We know through research that video as a medium improves conversions and sales, as well as developing trust and recognition in your brand. But not all video is created equal, and some content is more successful in meeting those business needs. So what makes a video campaign successful?

Despite what many people think, it’s not actually by simply talking about yourself and what you do. Many businesses fall into the same trap when approaching the content of their videos, assuming that presenting a laundry-list of products/services is sufficient in itself.

But the primary function of a video commercial is actually to guide people towards making a decision. In that way a video should respond to the needs of your audience (i.e. your potential customers), by framing your product or service as promising to fulfil a lack, or a solution to a problem. If they’re watching your content, they’re actually already investing enough energy that they (often unconsciously) want to be convinced you have their solution. You just need to give them what they need to arrive at that choice. This is what trendy Google practitioners would call a “micro-moment”, but it’s actually just a fundamental rule of advertising going back well into the last century.

While social media videos can be different in emphasis (i.e. they are often designed to educate and build an audience of followers rather than hard sell a specific product), the same principle applies. Always put your audience first! That’s why it’s important that your video producer not only takes the time to understand your business needs, but also understands who your customers are and what will compel them to trust and favour your brand.

Below you can see a showcase of video content that I’ve produced over the last couple of years for businesses large and small. Have a browse, and feel free to get in touch to discuss how video can work for your business needs.