I produce a wide array of video content, typically as a one-man producer/director. This ranges from obvious commercial content (i.e. ads, promos etc.), to more casual social media content. While social media videos can be different in emphasis (i.e. they are often designed to educate and build an audience of followers rather than hard sell a specific product), the same principle applies – always put your audience first! That’s why it’s important that your video producer not only takes the time to understand your business needs, but also understands who your customers are and what will compel them to trust and favour your brand.

Below you can see a showcase of video content that I’ve produced over the last couple of years for businesses large and small. Have a browse, and feel free to get in touch to discuss how video can work for your business needs.


This is a video product designed to showcase a specific business – its branding messages, product and service offerings and market point-of-difference. The style and content are bespoke to each individual business, and there’s an avoidance of “stock” or “cookie-cutter” imagery.  This gives your business a tangible reality that is memorable to your audience, encouraging trust, further engagement and increased conversions. Here’s just a small selection of over 1500+ video commercials I’ve produced in the last few years for small businesses. Most of the examples below featured similar production parameters: one man crew shooting and editing all content, shot within a single session.

Typical uses include integration on the company website and other social media channels, as well as running them as part of paid video ad campaigns. Other use cases include within email newsletters to new leads, as well as offline scenarios (e.g. expos, public areas etc.).

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As the name suggests, social media content is designed to be used across social media channels to build communities, attract new subscribers and create ongoing engagement with your customer base. Each social media channel works differently, but the variety of content is unlimited. For cost-effectiveness, social media videos are usually shot as a group of different videos which are then edited and delivered suitable for each targeted format. Typical end use applications are for organic and sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, building a library of content on youTube for subscribers, as part of Email newsletters to existing subscribers, specific tutorial content etc. The applications are endless!

Here’s some short examples I’ve produced for a number of local businesses. This includes overhead-style recipe videos, to short promos (for paid ad campaigns), testimonials and product overviews.

Personal Projects

Just for fun, here’s a bunch of other older films that I’ve produced in either the role of a documentary filmmaker, student educator and cinema fan. Enjoy!

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